What sets your photography services apart ?

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, personalised photography services tailored to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our attention to detail, creativity, and commitment to capturing genuine moments set us apart.

Portrait Photography - How does it work?

It all begins with a simple phone call, email, or face-to-face meeting. This initial contact allows us to connect and discuss your portrait photography needs and preferences.

During our consultation, we’ll dive deeper into your vision for the portrait session, discussing ideas and ensuring we’re aligned on the style, location, and direction of the shoot.

Our goal is to carefully plan your session for the best results and an enjoyable experience for you.

What to wear?

The focus is on you, so wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. Solid colours and minimal patterns work well, avoiding stripes or super bright colours.

This helps ensure the focus remains on capturing your natural essence.

Where is the photography session held?

We offer the flexibility of on-location shoots or in-studio sessions.
Whether it’s at a location of your choice, your home, office, or outdoors, we’ll create a setup that complements your vision and preferences.

How long does the session go for?

We don’t believe in time limits that compromise quality.
Session duration varies based on your needs and experience, typically ranging from 30 minutes to a couple of hours.
Our priority is to capture the best moments without rushing the process.

What happens after your photo shoot?

After your session, you’ll receive a Dropbox link with your proof photos.
These are raw, unretouched images for selection purposes. Take your time to choose your favorites, and then email us your selections.

Post Processing/Retouching: Are the photos edited?

All photos are professionally retouched to ensure the highest standard. Each chosen image undergoes meticulous editing for both print and web formats.
We do not provide raw/unedited images as we uphold professional standards in our work.

Can I order prints of my photos through you?

Absolutely! We offer a range of print options, from standard sizes to custom prints and canvases.

Let us know your preferences, and we’ll assist you in selecting the perfect prints to showcase your favorite images.

How long before I receive my photos?

The time varies based on the number of images and retouching required.
Generally, you’ll receive your digital images within a few days after retouching, while prints are typically delivered within a week after completion.

We’ll email you a Dropbox link for digital downloads.

Real Estate photography checklist

The more the home is prepared prior to my arrival, the better the images are going to look.



Get rid of as much clutter as possible. 

Keep your valuables safe, secure and out of sight.

Remove personal photos.

Dust, vacuum, make the beds, fluff the pillows.

Clear the kitchen counters – remove all appliances. 

Clean the sink and put away the dishes and dish rack. 

Remove any fridge magnets etc 

Clear Personal Items from the Bathrooms (tooth brushes etc), put away shampoo and conditioner bottles, etc from the shower.

Clean the glass shower screens and windows.

Put out the good guest towels and put all the toilet seats down.

Remove bins, replace any burned out light bulbs.

(Pets) Hide food and water bowls, pet beds and toys.

Turn off ceiling fans.

Turn on all lights.



Have lawns mowed and rake leaves

Put away hoses, sprinklers, garden tools, bikes, etc.

Hide garbage bins in the garage and close garage doors

Open any patio umbrellas

Remove BBQ and pool covers.

Remove cobwebs from the letterbox.

Move vehicles away from your home, out of the driveway, and clear the street in front of the house if possible. 

For twilight exterior shoots turn on all lights inside and outside. 


Please note, due to my schedule I do not have time to move things, or declutter. 

The home should be photo ready at the time of the appointment.

For more information please call me on 0410 085 125 or email mail@stevenlloydphotography.com.au